Why to choose B&I Home Services

B&I Property Management is a property management and maintenance company based in Paphos, composed of a team of experienced professionals who are committed in achieving high standards of property management and house services to your properties.

We integrate our mission and vision with our values as a company to maintain the best services for our clients, partners and our community.

Customer Service

We provide exceptional service to our clients, exceeding expectations. We respect our clients and the business they provide, offering them a service that secures value for their money and peace of mind. This is what makes us different from our competitors.

Commitment to Quality

We take pride in our work, performing to the best of our ability and to the highest possible standard to ensure exceptional results.


We give a fair and transparent price for our services, and all decisions are taken to ensure that the outcome is beneficial for our clients and the company.


Our performance is not achieved on our own. We understand the importance of working with all our partners, whether employees, suppliers, contractors or customers. We establish good working relationships and value the input of all stakeholders in any aspect of our business.


We understand and appreciate the importance of our client’s time. As such we keep our promises in terms of our service commitments, timings and objectives, and communicate progress at every step of the way to keep our clients informed.

Investment in People 

Our human resources are our asset and without them our mission and vision is not achievable. We aim to invest in our team and our partners by developing them and helping them grow their skills with us.

Why to choose B&I Home Services


We are unmatched for expertise, quality of workmanship and competitive prices .



We source the best materials to ensure long – term satisfaction with all projects .



Every work project is planned around a schedule of which each step is defined. Daily communication with clients ensures maximum efficiency and minimum disruption.


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