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At B&I property management we offer our clients the best property maintenance and home services for their properties with the most competitive prices on the market. We have carefully selected our property maintenance services to cover all the needs of your home and with our team of experts, we aim to deliver high quality results. Our home services consist of a range of different services, including housekeeping, to keep your house clean and in a healthy condition, pest control, to maintain a germ free and disinfected home and gardening services, to bring the best out of your home's outdoor area.

Pest Control

pest control

Pool Maintenance

pool maintenance



House Keeping

house keeping

Alarm Systems And 24 Hour Monitoring

alarm systems and 24 hour monitoring

Ac Installation And Service

ac installation and service


In order to maintain your homes in a continuously functional state, B&I Property Management offers both house services for the interior of your house and outdoor property services. Our projects aim to maintain your property’s value high and reduce potential equipment failures and liabilities. Whether your property is in need of house services such as housekeeping, renovations or any repairs and repainting our team of professionals will deliver the results that you want. As for our outdoor property service, we can free time off your hands with our maintenance services such as gardening and pool care.

Why to choose

After carefully conducting market research on the most necessary and effective property management services to maintain your houses and apartments in the best possible condition, B&I Property Management has created a portfolio of all the possible services that you will need. We offer competitive pricing on our maintenance services and our team of specialists are available to offer consulting and be of service to your needs. Whether it is gardening, housekeeping or pest control we promise to deliver the desired outcome.

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