Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance for beginners

Depending on the kind of pool you own, a different approach will be needed when performing pool maintenance. Three things which are important to consider when cleaning your pool are the pool water, the pool interior and the pool filter system.

Keeping the water of the pool clean and clear will protect you and your family from pollutants when swimming. It also avoids corrosion and mineral build up which can cause costly hardware repairs.

Keeping the interior of the pool in good repair and clear from algae and mold is also very important for keeping your pool safe and making it last longer.

The last and most essential part of the pool that needs to be taken good care of during pool maintenance is the filter system. This is what clears the pool from all the dirt and contaminants and needs to always function properly and optimally. Taking good care of the pool filters will ensure a clean and safe pool for your family to enjoy.

Types of pools

Understanding the types of pools before performing maintenance to it is vital in order to be effective. There are mainly 5 types of pools:

Concrete Pools - this type of pool is highly customisable and very durable. You can easily create the shape and size of the pool you like, as well as adding specific features to it. Due to their material, it is also very difficult to damage from any sharp objects that may scratch it.

Gunite Pools - This is one of the most common pool types and is made by spraying the gunite in place and then smoothed out. Similarly to concrete pools, they are very durable and easy to create a range of shapes and designs with.

Fiberglass Pools - The advantage of fiberglass pools is that they can be set up much faster and are very easy to clean. They are added in holes in dug up holes and come in fixed shapes.

Vinyl Inground Pools - A much more cost effective choice, vinyl inground pools are very quick to install and are usually constructed with a wooden, plastic or metallic frame. They also offer a wide range of designs and sizes for your homes.

Above-Ground Pools - Lastly the final type of above the ground pools are created in factories and assembled in kits for the pool owners to put together on their own. Plumbing and leveling still needs to take place even though the shape is ready but offers a much cost effective choice and can be set up in no time.

Why to choose B&I Property Management for Pool Maintenance services

We understand the complexity and time needed to effectively perform pool maintenance and that is why B&I Property Management offers a wide range of pool care services at competitive prices. We offer pool maintenance services ranging from vacuuming, filter cleaning and anti-algae treatment for all kinds of pool types and surfaces. B&I Property Management can have scheduled maintenance sessions for cleaning your pool to save you time and ensure that your pool is always in good condition and safe for your family to use.


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