Pest control

What is pest control?

One of the many causes of public health issues and illnesses that begin within the homes of families and individuals is caused by pests. This is where pest control provides protection for you by eliminating any pest related issues around your homes. Pest control can maintain a clean, disease free home and provide a safe environment for your family and your pets.

Problems caused by pests

Due to pests carrying different kinds of diseases and illnesses it is important to identify potential rodent and insect infestations in order to minimise the damage that it can cause. Pest control services offer the solution to these problems and here are a few problems caused by pests in homes. Rodents are the number one carriers of other smaller pests such as fleas, ticks and mites and they also carry a range of different diseases, which are easily transmittable to humans and other animals.

Insects and cockroaches in specific are one of the filthiest insects to exist and carry many germs and allergens into your homes. Roach allergens are the third leading cause of asthma for children. Termites can cause damage to your properties and will lead to unnecessary costs of repairing or replacing furniture.

Why is Pest Control important

In order to solve the problems caused by insects and rodents pest control services are needed. Pest control management is a necessity for healthy and hygienic homes. It is important in preventing damage to property structures and belongings. Different kinds of diseases are transmitted by rodents and insects and cause illnesses such as skin allergies, asthma, and even food poisoning. Pest control can get rid of these issues and avoid potential diseases, allergies and other possible health risks for your family. Finally pest control ensures that food in the home remains safe and healthy to eat and by tackling these problems will result in stress-free living.

Why choose B&I Property Maintenance for pest control services

Here at B&I, our primary focus is ensuring a healthy and anxious free lifestyle in your homes and being able to deliver this result to you and your families is our priority. B&I Property Management offers a range of different solutions through our pest control service. We offer evaluation for the kind of issue or pests that have infested your homes and provide the relative solution accordingly.

Eliminating the type of pests you have by applying traps or pesticides in the infected and most common areas of the house. Disinfecting contaminated areas from rodents and insects. Adding repellents in locations around the house to ensure mice and insects such as ants, cockroaches and flies do not return to your homes. Spraying bathrooms and sewer holes for cockroaches.


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