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Housekeeping services

Whether you are looking for cleaning, vacuuming, dusting or laundry help for your house, we offer you the solution through our housekeeping services. Housekeeping is essential to any home in order for the house to remain clean, neat, orderly and hazard free for children. It is important to have a well organised home which can keep you and your family stress free and away from any germs and dirt that may collect in different areas of the house. With families becoming busier due to work, taking care of children and handling other responsibilities, housekeeping services are a way to free some time off your hands by getting external help for house work which you do not have enough time and energy for.

Types of housekeeping services

There are 5 different types of housekeeping services that you should know about before deciding on getting any housekeeping help:

  • Maid or cleaners - this is the most basic of the cleaning services. The cleaner is most commonly used in more commercial cleaning areas or used at the end of tenancies. In homes they usually work for a few hours in short visit sessions.
  • Live in housekeeper - This service can be both full time or part time. This is one of the most common housekeeping services and accommodation is provided for the housekeeper who in turn makes sure to keep the house clean and in order to the highest degree.
  • Live out housekeeper - Similarly to a live in housekeeper, they provide more professional help with cleaning services within the house, shopping or even childcare. Live out housekeepers are more popular with homes that do not have a place for the person to stay and for homes that don't need full time support.
  • House manager - a combination of housekeeping tasks as mentioned with the addition of also performing managerial support. This comes in the form of managing contractors, managing household schedules and ensuring that property maintenance is performed along with the housekeeping duties.
  • Housekeeper cleaning companies - The final type of housekeeping services which involves the house owner to request services from a company instead of finding an individual or an agency. The company is then responsible for sending the right person for what housekeeping requirements the home is in need of and also managing the payments to them.

Why to choose B&I Property Management for housekeeping services

If you own an apartment, house, airbnb or any other kind of property and don't have enough time to maintain its cleanliness and order, our housekeeping services are what you need. At B&I Property Management, we offer the best housekeeping services in Paphos for your homes. Our team of professional housekeepers have been effectively trained in working efficiently and having a great attention to detail when performing the housekeeping duties. Our goal is to keep your homes clean and tidy, save time from your daily work and have a healthy home that you and your family can enjoy.


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