What are the advantages of home gardening?

With our gardening specialists, ensuring that you maintain a clean and healthy garden while offering garden design ideas and suggestions tailored to your liking. Our gardening service also includes bush and grass trimming, fertilising and spraying your plants for wood bugs and insects.

The activity of planning, tending and cultivating a garden is what is commonly referred to as gardening. Many individuals like to create and maintain outdoor gardens to add to the aesthetic of their houses and their desired theme. However, the act of gardening has multiple health benefits other than being a pastime or being a nice look for your house. Benefits of gardening include boosting your mood and helping to reduce anxiety and stress levels. It also raises vitamin D levels through sunlight exposure when you are working on your garden or simply relaxing in it. Gardening also allows for cultivating fruit and vegetables which can be a healthy source of food.

Gardening tips for beginners

Are you planning on creating a garden but not sure how to start? Here are a few tips for beginners on how to garden at home. It is important to firstly identify the best locations around your house where there is enough sunlight and shade variations throughout the day to provide the optimal conditions for your plants. Choosing the right fruit, vegetables or flowers for the season is also very important and the location of it, as some plants require more sunlight than others and vice versa. Make sure to have the required tools to dig the ground and trim your plants later. Using the right soil for your plants is also important, by taking into account ph levels and nutrients. Finally remember to water the plants the right amount and add fertiliser when needed.

Professional gardening

To become a more experienced gardener in order to reap the best results from your garden, there are some specific details you need to take note of. Here are a few professional gardening tips to improve your knowledge and understanding of gardening. When potting plants or flowers into a container or replanting into a bigger pot, make sure to use good quality soil as it will help them adapt to the new container and grow. When planting perennial flowers, choose to do so in fall or in early spring as this will help them grow better and also add to the colour and texture of your garden. Gardeners should also change the direction of mowing often so that ruts don't develop, e.g. one week horizontally and next week vertically. Regular mowing will also keep the grass healthy and keeps nutrients within it.

Why choose B&I Property Management for your gardening solutions

The truth about gardening is, regardless of the size of the garden, it is time consuming and labour intensive. It is important to keep the garden in the best condition for a good external appearance but also for the health of your plants and flowers. B&I Property Management recognises the possible limitations in maintaining your garden and offers cost effective gardening services to meet your needs. Whether you don't have enough time for planting, mowing or maintaining the garden, or in case of absence, we are here to cover for you. B&I makes sure to deliver high quality and exceed your expectations with our team of specialists. We offer external gardening design and consulting. Weeding and mowing. Planting and pruning. Automatic irrigation installations. Spraying for insects and bugs. We make sure to cover a range of gardening activities to meet your needs and bring the best results for you and your garden.


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